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Horsebox in Cheshire

   The Horsebox Hospital is the complete    resource for your horsebox needs.

      - Advice on purchasing
      - Vetting service
 - Is my horsebox legal?
      - Plating / MOT
      - Resprays
      - Insurance repair work
      - Truck diagnostics
      - Refurbishment
      - Payload advice
      - Repairs

 Established in 1982, still going strong.

    insurance repair
             Crash damage repairs


We undertake insurance repair work for many insurance companies throughout the year.

This can involve minor work such as scratches and scrapes to body and even cab swaps.


     horsebox repair


MOT nightmares

Taking your truck to the VOSA test centre can be a daunting task.

  North West Horseboxes  

Bring your horsebox to us, we will rectify any problems, and then run the truck in to the VOSA test centre for you.


Don't buy a shed

"would you buy a horse for 5 figures                            without a 5* Vetting?"

Let's face it, horseboxes aren't cheap. If you're thinking about buying your first horsebox, or replacing an old one then do your research.

If you think you have found the perfect horsebox then call us to have it vetted. We offer a 'horsebox survey'. We check the ramp, horse floor, engine, chassis and body for signs of wear or damage.





   Horsebox payload????
   Plating? VOSA?
   Help, I'm out of my depth

    We can answer all your
    horsebox questions. 
    Contact us by phone, email, or  Facebook


  This is our solution to steps that get ripped   off because 'somebody' forgot to close   them before the horsebox was driven off.

  AUTOMATIC STEPS retract when the engine
  is started, that way they stay on the truck   rather than a gatepost.


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 01565 722 806     The best in the North West